How Does a Citrix Data Room Work?

Citrix is ​​a service that combines a virtual data room and a workplace as a service. To date, this is the only software solution that allows you to organize the team’s collective work in a hybrid form.

How does Citrix work?

First of all, it is worth noting that Citrix is ​​a workplace as a service. Therefore, working with the program is possible from various devices, whether a PC, tablet, laptop, or smartphone – the main thing is that these devices have Internet access. At the same time, the launch of a virtual IT infrastructure and the deployment of full-fledged desktops are carried out from a remote server.

System requirements for “thin” clients (that is, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and PCs) in this case will be minimal: devices must display a “picture” on display and send various commands to the server – keystrokes, touch screen taps or mouse clicks.

Client virtual desktops are provided to specific enterprises or their separate divisions and are equipped with certain software tailored to solve core business problems.

The Citrix system offers access to workplaces in two versions: stateful (after logging out, the workplace remains unchanged) and stateless (after logging out, all desktop settings are erased).

Citrix Virtual Data Room

The Citrix service can hardly be attributed as the easiest to use, but here, you can deploy a virtual data room in addition to the workplace. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about security, as it is fully provided here.

The provider offers its customers 256-bit encryption (whether you upload just one file or a large number of them at once) and flexible access settings for different user groups. An important advantage of Citrix is ​​that they already have extensive experience working with large enterprises, particularly banks and investment companies.

Collaboration and access control

As in any virtual data room, in Citrix, you can control who will have one or another level of access to your information. So, for example, you can hide some data from some users – they will not see the corresponding documents at all.

Some users, on the contrary, will be able to view the documentation, but no more.

Some access levels allow you to view and, for example, edit, print, or even download documents.

All this is necessary to maintain the confidentiality of various processes within your company.

Support Service Citrix

If you have any questions about the operation of the service, you can always ask the support staff. Citrix has a 24/7 service – you can contact them by phone. You can also contact support via chat or email.

The help section of the site is also richly developed: you can try to search for the answer to your question among the options already presented.

In general, Citrix has already proven itself well for many users. It is chosen by businesses of different sizes and successfully used in their work.

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